The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation


The Florida Botanical Gardens is located in the most densely populated county in Florida with over 3,350 people per square mile. An additional 6,000 new permanent residents will move to Pinellas County annually for the next 25 years which increases development while eliminating our valuable green space. There was a time when the natural world seemed limitless.

Green space enhances the quality of life in Pinellas County. Research supports that green space improves air quality, delivers important health benefits, provides a sense of community, increases our quality of life, delivers a significant economic impact and improves property values.

Today, the preservation of natural land depends on us!

Protecting and enhancing our local parks and gardens for future generations will preserve the benefits of green space despite population growth and increased development.

The Florida Botanical Gardens is a Pinellas County Park that inspires and educates visitors by showcasing flora, fauna and natural resources in motivational surroundings that promote environmentally friendly techniques. Centrally located in Pinellas County, the gardens are adjacent to Heritage Village, providing visitors with a one stop location where they can learn about both Florida’s history and its native habitat for plants and wild life. The Park has 18 unique demonstration gardens where visitors can relax and learn.

The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation (FBGF) is a local, non-governmental, not-for-profit organization funded by private philanthropic gifts. The Foundation focuses on maintaining, enhancing and preserving this cultural asset through conservation, planning, education, preservation, advocacy, restoration, and stewardship.

FBGF strives to

  • Create, sustain and grow a world-class botanical garden
  • Protect the environment and instill an appreciation for future generations
  • Help ensure public accessibility to activities and to the gardens
  • Provide a peaceful oasis for residents and visitors
  • Partner with Pinellas County Parks Department, the Pinellas County Extension and our community to help the Gardens inspire and educate visitors by showcasing flora, fauna and natural resources in surroundings that motivate the visitor to practice environmentally sustainable techniques.