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There's plenty of fun and learning to be had while visiting the Florida Botanical Gardens.

Take a look at these exciting activities to enhance your visit to the gardens. Fun for all ages!

Around the Pond logo

Around the Pond Scavenger Hunt (Level 1)

Great for younger visitors to the Gardens

Fun for all ages!

Explore the Aquatic Demonstration Area while completing a scavenger hunt as you walk around the pond!

Around the Pond Scavenger Hunter (Level 2)

Great for younger visitors to the Gardens

Fun for all ages!

Have you already completed Level 1? Take the plunge into the Level 2 scavenger hunt in the Aquatic Demonstration Area!

Herb Garden Brochure
Florida friendly bingo card

Florida-Friendly Bingo

Fun for the whole Family!

Includes 7 scavenger hunt Bingo cards to fill out as you explore the Florida Botanical Gardens.

On the Hunt Scavenger Hunt

Fun for the whole Family!

Turn your visit to the Gardens into a fun game! Search for specific plants and fill the activity card.

On the hunt activity
Natvive Tree Walk activity

Native Tree ID Walk

Can you identify all of our native trees in the Aquatic Demonstration Area?

Use your cell phone to scan the QR codes displayed on the tree identification signs as you stroll around the pond.