Garden Art - Mosaic designed by artist Heather Anderson

We've all seen mosaic stepping stones that make a pathway sparkle, but there's a world of other ways to use mosaics in the garden. A mosaic can embellish a retaining wall, highlight a feature or make a path so inviting that guests can't help but wander down it. Gather inspiration from these eye-catching works by mosaic artists.

Local Artist and Foundation Member Heather Anderson and Foundation President Chuck Scaffidi look over planned location Local artist Heather Anderson and the Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation Chairperson Chuck Scaffidi plan the location of the glass mosaic designed by Heather for the Wedding Garden. 

The inside perimeter of the wedding garden previously contained many attractive water fountains. In the interest of water conservation and elimination of the high maintenance required to operate these fountains, the areas were closed. As an alternative to the fountains, Ms. Anderson suggested a mosaic design that would cover about 2/3’s of the boarded-up fountain area with potted plants recessed as part of the design. The project construction is environmentally friendly and brings to the wedding garden an artistic visitor attraction.  35 feet of the mosaic project completedThe mosaic simulates a stream with an array of fish, frogs and butterflies.  The perspective is looking down at the stream so the viewer sees the top of the mosaic.

Kathleen Bromley Rothman & The Stained Glass Studio of Clearwater donated the labor for the construction of the mosaic and Ms. Heather Anderson  donated her design, development and installation time.  The Florida Botanical Gardens Foundation  donated money for materials. 

The Florida Botanical Gardens is grateful for the support the community is giving especially in these tough economic times and welcomes your participation.